How Much Does It Cost To Tow A Car 10 Miles UK?

In the UK, towing a car 10 miles can incur various costs depending on factors such as the type and weight of the vehicle, the towing company, and any additional services required. It is important to understand these costs to make an informed decision when faced with a car breakdown or the need to transport a vehicle. This article aims to provide a clear and concise breakdown of the average expenses involved in towing a car 10 miles in the UK, enabling you to navigate this process efficiently and cost-effectively.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Towing


The distance is one of the most significant factors that affect the cost of towing a vehicle. Towing companies typically charge per mile, so the longer the distance, the higher the cost will be. If you need to tow your car for 10 miles in the UK, you can expect to pay more compared to a shorter distance. It’s essential to consider the distance when budgeting for towing services.

Type of Vehicle

The type of vehicle you need to tow also plays a role in determining the cost. Larger and heavier vehicles require specialized equipment and additional manpower to tow safely. This extra effort and resources translate into a higher towing cost. So, if you have a larger vehicle, such as an SUV or a truck, be prepared for a higher towing bill compared to towing a smaller car.

Time of Day

The time of day when you require towing services can affect the cost as well. Towing companies may charge more for services provided during peak hours or at night to compensate for increased demand or potential overtime for their staff. If you need towing assistance during non-peak hours, you may encounter lower costs compared to the evenings or weekends.


The location where your car needs to be towed from and to can also impact the cost. If you are in a remote or isolated area, it may require the towing company to travel a significant distance to reach you, increasing the overall cost. Additionally, if you are towing your car within a congested urban area with limited parking or difficult access, the towing company may need to employ specialized equipment or additional personnel, which can add to the expense.

Additional Services

Depending on your specific situation, you may require additional services that can increase the overall towing cost. These additional services can include emergency assistance, such as jump-starting a dead battery or unlocking a locked car door. It’s important to communicate all your needs upfront to the towing company so that they can provide an accurate estimate and avoid any surprise charges.

Average Cost of Towing a Car 10 Miles in the UK

Basic Towing Cost

The basic towing cost for a car in the UK typically starts at around £65 for a 10-mile distance. This cost covers the standard towing service without any additional services or special requirements. However, it’s important to note that prices can vary between different towing companies, so it’s always a good idea to compare quotes and services before making a decision.

Additional Mileage Charges

Most towing companies charge an additional fee for every mile beyond the initial distance included in the basic cost. For example, if the basic towing cost covers the first 10 miles, any additional mileage will be charged at a set rate per mile. These additional mileage charges can range from £2 to £4 per mile, depending on the company and location.

Surcharge for Heavy Vehicles

If your vehicle is larger or heavier than the average car, towing companies may apply a surcharge to cover the additional resources required to safely tow it. The surcharge for heavy vehicles can range from £10 to £20 or more, depending on the size and weight of the vehicle. It’s important to inquire about any potential surcharges for heavy vehicles when requesting a quote.

How Much Does It Cost To Tow A Car 10 Miles UK?

Towing Cost Breakdown

Professional Towing Fees

The professional towing fees cover the expertise and equipment required to safely tow a vehicle. This includes the cost of operating a towing truck, the labor, and the skill of the towing personnel. These fees are often included in the basic towing cost and can vary depending on the specific towing company and location. It’s important to choose a reputable and experienced towing service to ensure the safety of your vehicle and receive quality service.

Mileage Charges

Mileage charges are additional costs incurred for every mile beyond the initial distance included in the basic towing cost. These charges cover the fuel, wear and tear on the towing vehicle, and other expenses associated with towing a vehicle for longer distances. It’s crucial to clarify the mileage charges with the towing company before engaging their services to avoid unexpected expenses.

Vehicle Size and Weight Surcharge

If you have a larger or heavier vehicle, such as an SUV, van, or truck, towing companies may apply a surcharge to cover the additional resources required for safe towing. This surcharge accounts for the specialized equipment and manpower needed to handle larger and heavier vehicles. It’s important to factor in this surcharge when budgeting for towing services, as it can significantly affect the overall cost.

Additional Charges to Consider

Emergency Services

In some cases, you may require emergency services in addition to towing, such as jump-starting a dead battery or unlocking a locked car door. Towing companies may charge extra for these emergency services, as they require immediate attention and expertise. It’s important to inquire about any potential emergency service charges and discuss your needs with the towing company beforehand.

Storage Fees

If your vehicle needs to be stored at a towing company’s facility before you retrieve it, there may be storage fees involved. These fees cover the cost of keeping your vehicle secure and accessible. The storage fees can vary depending on the duration of storage and the towing company’s policies. It’s essential to clarify the storage fees, if any, when arranging for towing services.


Depending on your location, taxes may be applicable to towing services. It’s important to inquire about any taxes or additional charges that may be added to the initial towing cost. Being aware of these taxes can help you accurately budget for towing services and avoid any surprises when it comes time to pay.

How Much Does It Cost To Tow A Car 10 Miles UK?

Tips for Reducing Towing Costs

Joining a Roadside Assistance Program

One effective way to reduce towing costs is by joining a roadside assistance program. These programs typically offer towing services as a part of their package, allowing you to access towing services at a discounted rate or even for free, depending on the program. It’s worth exploring roadside assistance programs to see if they align with your needs and can provide cost savings.

Comparing Quotes from Different Towing Companies

To ensure you are getting the best possible price for towing services, it’s essential to compare quotes from different towing companies. By obtaining multiple quotes, you can evaluate not only the cost but also the services offered and reputation of the towing companies. This comparison will help you make an informed decision and potentially save money.

Utilizing Insurance Coverage

Reviewing your insurance policy is another way to potentially reduce towing costs. Some insurance policies cover towing expenses, either as a standard feature or as an add-on option. It’s crucial to review your policy and understand the extent of your coverage to leverage it effectively. Utilizing insurance coverage can significantly reduce out-of-pocket expenses for towing.

Preparing for Towing Situations

Taking proactive steps to prevent breakdowns and accidents can ultimately save you from incurring towing costs. Regular vehicle maintenance, including oil changes, tire rotations, and battery checks, can help identify and address potential issues before they escalate. Additionally, practicing safe driving habits and avoiding driving in adverse conditions can lower the risk of accidents and breakdowns.

Alternatives to Traditional Towing Services

Car Recovery Services

Car recovery services, also known as breakdown recovery services, are an alternative to traditional towing services. Instead of immediately moving your vehicle to a specific location, car recovery services aim to repair your car on-site or tow it to a nearby garage for repairs. This can be a cost-effective solution if the issue with your vehicle is minor and can be resolved without the need for extensive towing.


If you have the necessary equipment, skills, and legal permissions, you can consider self-towing your vehicle. Self-towing involves using your own vehicle to tow another one. However, it’s crucial to note that self-towing has specific legal requirements and safety considerations. It’s important to research and understand the laws and regulations pertaining to self-towing in your location before attempting it.

Requesting Assistance from Friends or Family

In situations where the distance is short and the issue with your vehicle is minor, you may consider reaching out to friends or family for assistance instead of hiring a professional towing service. Having a familiar face help you with the towing process can provide peace of mind and potentially save you money. However, it’s crucial to ensure that the person assisting you is knowledgeable and equipped to handle the towing safely.

Finding a Reliable Towing Service

Check for Accreditation

When searching for a reliable towing service, it’s essential to check for accreditation from recognized industry organizations. Accreditation ensures that the towing company meets specific standards of excellence in terms of safety, service quality, and professionalism. Look for certifications such as the British Vehicle Recovery Association (BVRA) to ensure that you are engaging a reputable and trustworthy towing service.

Read Reviews and Ratings

To gauge the reliability and quality of a towing service, reading reviews and ratings from previous customers can provide valuable insights. Check online platforms, such as Google or Trustpilot, for customer reviews and ratings. Look for consistent positive feedback regarding the company’s professionalism, timeliness, and customer service. Conversely, be wary of companies with a significant number of negative reviews or unresolved complaints.

Ask for Recommendations

Seeking recommendations from friends, family, or acquaintances who have previously used towing services can be another effective way to find a reliable towing service. By getting firsthand referrals, you can gain confidence in the towing company’s abilities and trustworthiness. Ask about their overall experience, pricing, and any other relevant details to make an informed decision.

Verify License and Insurance

Before finalizing your choice of a towing service, it’s crucial to verify their license and insurance coverage. A reputable towing company should have the necessary licenses and permits to operate legally. Additionally, they should carry adequate insurance coverage to protect your vehicle in case of any damages or accidents during the towing process. Ensure that the towing company provides proof of their license and insurance before engaging their services.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Choosing the Cheapest Option without Considering Quality

One common mistake to avoid is solely considering the price when choosing a towing service. Opting for the cheapest option without considering the quality of service can lead to subpar towing experiences or potential damage to your vehicle. It’s crucial to find a balance between affordability and quality to ensure a safe and satisfactory towing experience.

Not Checking for Hidden Charges

Another mistake to avoid is not thoroughly reviewing the terms and conditions provided by the towing company. Hidden charges, such as additional fees for specific services or surcharges for certain vehicle types, can significantly impact the overall cost. Take the time to carefully review the quote and inquire about any potential hidden charges to avoid any surprises when it’s time to pay.

Not Confirming Insurance Coverage

Failing to confirm insurance coverage before engaging a towing service can lead to unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. It’s essential to verify whether your insurance policy covers towing and what limitations or conditions may apply. By confirming insurance coverage, you can potentially save money and have peace of mind knowing that you are protected in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Ignoring License and Certification

Overlooking the importance of verifying a towing company’s license and certification can result in engaging an unqualified or untrustworthy service provider. A licensed and certified towing company demonstrates a commitment to professionalism, safety, and adherence to industry standards. Ignoring these credentials can increase the risk of a negative towing experience or potential damage to your vehicle.


When it comes to towing a car 10 miles in the UK, there are several factors to consider that can affect the overall cost. The distance, type of vehicle, time of day, location, and additional services all play a role in determining the final price you will pay for towing services. It’s crucial to carefully review and consider these factors when budgeting for towing needs.

Understanding the average cost of towing a car 10 miles in the UK provides a starting point for estimating expenses. The basic towing cost, additional mileage charges, and surcharge for heavy vehicles make up the primary components of towing costs. Additionally, professional towing fees, mileage charges, and vehicle size and weight surcharges contribute to the overall breakdown of towing costs.

When it comes to reducing towing costs, joining a roadside assistance program, comparing quotes, utilizing insurance coverage, and being proactive in vehicle maintenance can all help minimize expenses. Alternatives to traditional towing services, such as car recovery services, self-towing, and requesting assistance from friends or family, can also be explored depending on the specific situation.

Finding a reliable towing service involves checking for accreditation, reading reviews and ratings, asking for recommendations, and verifying license and insurance coverage. Avoiding common mistakes, such as prioritizing price over quality, not checking for hidden charges, not confirming insurance coverage, and ignoring license and certification, can help ensure a positive towing experience.

In conclusion, by considering the factors, understanding the cost breakdown, exploring alternatives, and making informed choices, you can navigate the process of towing a car 10 miles in the UK efficiently, effectively, and within a reasonable budget.