AAA’s Towing Limit Explained

In the world of vehicle breakdowns, knowing your limitations can be essential when it comes to seeking assistance. With the increasing number of vehicles on the road, understanding the towing limits offered by services such as the renowned AAA can save you from potential frustration and uncertainty. When faced with an unforeseen breakdown, knowing the extent to which AAA will tow your vehicle provides peace of mind and aids in making informed decisions. This article aims to delve into AAA’s towing limit, shedding light on the distance they are willing to go to rescue you and your vehicle.

AAAs Towing Limit Explained

What is the farthest AAA will tow?

When it comes to towing services, AAA is renowned for its reliability and extensive coverage. However, one crucial question that many people have is: what is the farthest distance that AAA will tow your vehicle? While the exact distance may vary based on specific circumstances, AAA typically provides towing services for distances up to 100 miles for its members.

What is towing limit?

Definition of towing limit

The towing limit refers to the maximum weight or size that a vehicle can tow safely. Towing limits are determined by various factors, such as the capacity of the vehicle’s engine, suspension, brakes, and chassis. It is essential to consider the towing limit to ensure that the vehicle remains within its safe operating parameters and to prevent any accidents or damage.

Importance of towing limit

Understanding and respecting the towing limit is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures the safety of both the driver and other road users. Exceeding the towing limit can put significant strain on the vehicle’s components and compromise its stability and control. Secondly, it helps prevent unnecessary damage to the towing vehicle and the item being towed. By adhering to the towing limit, you can minimize the risk of mechanical failures, overheating, and accidents during the towing process.

Factors that determine towing limit

Several factors contribute to determining the towing limit of a vehicle. These factors include the vehicle’s weight, engine power and torque, transmission system, suspension, brakes, and overall structural integrity. Before attempting to tow any item, it is vital to consult the vehicle’s owner manual or contact the manufacturer for specific information on its towing capacity.

AAAs Towing Limit Explained

How does AAA determine its towing limit?

AAA’s standard towing limit

AAA has a standard towing limit of up to 100 miles for its members. This means that if your vehicle breaks down or becomes inoperable within a 100-mile radius from your current location, AAA will arrange to tow your vehicle to a nearby service location or your preferred destination within the defined distance.

Conditions for a higher towing limit

While the standard towing limit for AAA is 100 miles, there are certain conditions where AAA may provide a higher towing limit. These conditions typically include situations where the nearest authorized repair facility is more than 100 miles away, or if towing the vehicle to a specific repair facility is necessary due to certain warranties or service agreements. In such cases, AAA will assess the situation and make arrangements accordingly.

What types of vehicles does AAA tow?

AAA offers towing services for a wide range of vehicles, ensuring that its members can receive assistance regardless of their preferred mode of transportation. Some of the vehicles that AAA can tow include:

Passenger cars

Whether you drive a compact sedan, a luxury vehicle, or an electric car, AAA has the capability to tow your passenger car to a service location or your desired destination.


For motorcycle enthusiasts, AAA also provides towing services for motorcycles in case of breakdowns or accidents. This ensures that even if you encounter issues with your bike, you can rely on AAA to transport it safely.

RVs and camper trailers

AAA recognizes the unique needs of recreational vehicle (RV) owners and offers towing services specifically designed for RVs and camper trailers. From motorhomes to towable trailers, AAA can assist with the safe transportation of these vehicles.

Boats and watercraft

Should you experience difficulties with your boat or other watercraft, AAA offers towing options to get your vessel to a repair facility or your preferred location.

Commercial vehicles

AAA extends its towing services to commercial vehicles as well. Whether you operate a small delivery truck or a larger commercial vehicle, AAA can provide the necessary assistance to get your vehicle to where it needs to be.

AAAs Towing Limit Explained

Are there any limitations to AAA’s towing service?

While AAA’s towing service is comprehensive and highly reliable, there are some limitations to be aware of. These limitations include:

Limits on number of tows per year

AAA membership typically comes with a limited number of free tows per year. Depending on the membership level, the number of complimentary tows can vary. It is essential to review your membership details to understand the specific limitations and any charges that may apply for exceeding the allocated towing allowance.

Geographical limitations

AAA’s towing services are primarily available within the United States and Canada. If you plan on traveling to remote or international destinations, it is crucial to ascertain the availability and coverage of AAA’s towing services in those areas.

Restrictions on towing heavy or oversized vehicles

While AAA offers towing services for various types of vehicles, there may be restrictions on the towing of heavy or oversized vehicles. These restrictions could be due to the limitations of towing equipment or the safety concerns associated with moving extremely large vehicles. It is advisable to contact AAA directly to discuss the specific details of your towing requirements for heavy or oversized vehicles.

What are some common misconceptions about AAA’s towing service?

AAA’s towing service is often misunderstood, leading to several misconceptions. It is important to clarify these misconceptions to avoid any confusion or misplaced expectations.

AAA towing service covers all types of repairs

Contrary to popular belief, AAA’s towing service does not cover the cost of repairs. While AAA will transport your vehicle to a service location or your preferred destination, any repairs or associated costs are typically the responsibility of the vehicle owner. AAA membership primarily covers emergency roadside assistance, including towing, as a means to provide immediate assistance and convenience during unexpected breakdowns.

Towing service is included with AAA membership

While AAA membership does include towing services, it is essential to understand that these services are subject to certain limitations, as mentioned earlier. The number of free tows and the applicable distance covered may vary based on the specific membership level chosen. Additional charges may apply for any towing requirements that exceed the allocated limits.

AAA will tow any vehicle at any time

Although AAA strives to provide comprehensive towing services, there may be specific circumstances where they are unable to tow certain vehicles. This could be due to size, weight, or other safety concerns. It is advisable to contact AAA in advance to discuss your towing requirements and ensure that they can accommodate your specific needs.

AAAs Towing Limit Explained

What should you do if AAA’s towing limit is not enough?

If you find yourself in a situation where AAA’s standard towing limit does not meet your needs, there are a few options to consider:

Consider additional coverage options

AAA offers different membership levels with varying towing benefits. If you anticipate needing longer-distance tows on a regular basis, it may be beneficial to upgrade your AAA membership to a level that provides a higher towing limit. Assess your towing requirements and consult with AAA to determine the most suitable membership option for your needs.

Seek assistance from a specialized towing service

In some cases, it may be more appropriate to seek assistance from a specialized towing service that can accommodate your specific requirements. These towing services often specialize in towing heavy or oversized vehicles, long-distance transportation, or other specialized towing needs. Research reputable and reliable towing services in your area and consult with them regarding your towing requirements.

What are some tips for maximizing AAA’s towing service?

To ensure a smooth and efficient towing experience with AAA, consider the following tips:

Ensure your AAA membership is up-to-date

Before an emergency arises, make sure your AAA membership is active and up-to-date. This will ensure that you can access AAA’s towing services promptly when needed.

Have necessary documentation and information

When contacting AAA for towing assistance, have your membership information readily available. This includes your membership number, contact details, and any other relevant information that will help expedite the process.

Follow AAA’s instructions and guidelines

When AAA dispatches a tow truck to your location, it is important to follow their instructions and guidelines. This will help ensure your safety and the smooth execution of the towing process.

Be prepared for additional costs

While many AAA memberships include free tows, there may be charges for services that exceed the membership’s towing limit. Familiarize yourself with the associated costs to avoid any surprises.

Consider alternatives if the wait time is too long

During peak periods or unforeseen circumstances, AAA’s response times may be longer than usual. If you find yourself in a situation where the wait time is too long, consider alternative options, such as contacting a local towing service or roadside assistance provider to expedite the process.

How to choose the right AAA membership level for towing needs?

Choosing the right AAA membership level for your towing needs requires careful consideration. Here are some steps to help guide your decision:

Evaluate your towing requirements

Assess your typical towing needs, considering factors such as the distance you travel, the type of vehicle you own, and any specific requirements you anticipate. This will help determine the appropriate towing limit and other towing-related benefits you are likely to require.

Review the towing benefits offered by different AAA membership levels

Examine the towing benefits provided by various AAA membership levels. Consider the allowed number of free tows per year, the covered distance limit, and any associated costs beyond the allocated limits. Compare these benefits against your evaluated towing requirements to identify the most suitable membership level.

Consider other factors and benefits before making a decision

While towing benefits are essential, it is also crucial to consider other factors and benefits offered by different AAA membership levels. These may include emergency roadside assistance, travel discounts, trip interruption coverage, and concierge services. Evaluate the overall value proposition of each membership level before making a decision.


AAA’s towing services provide invaluable assistance to its members in times of need. Understanding the towing limit, the types of vehicles that AAA can tow, and the limitations of the service is crucial for maximizing its benefits. By making informed decisions, considering alternative options, and choosing the right AAA membership level, you can ensure that you have reliable roadside assistance and towing services whenever the need arises. Remember to review your membership details regularly and stay prepared for unexpected breakdowns or emergencies on the road.